Oracle Web Logic Server 12c Performance Tuning

Oracle Web Logic Server 12c Performance Tuning
Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Performance Tuning Workshop training course helps you understand how to monitor the effects of a running Oracle WebLogic Server application on the overall system. In Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Performance Tuning Workshop training course you will learn how interactive instruction, walking you through new concepts, while diving into real-world applications.

Course Objectives:

On Completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Tuning Methodology
  • Tuning Operating Systems
  • Monitor and Tune JVM Performance
  • Monitor and Tune Server Performance
  • Monitor and Tune Cluster Performance
  • Monitoring and Tuning Data Sources and Persistent Stores
  • Configuring Work Managers
  • Monitoring and Tuning Java EE Applications
  • Administrator
  • Java EE Developers
  • Project Manager
  • SOA Architect
  • Support Engineer
  • System Integrator
  • Technical Consultant
  • Web Administrator
Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I
  • Load and Stress Testing
  • Identifying Bottlenecks
  • Introduction to Performance Tuning
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance Monitoring and Testing Tools
  • Operating System Resources
  • Linux Performance Monitoring
  • The JVM and Garbage Collection
  • JVM Performance: Overview
  • GUI JVM Tools
  • Command-Line JVM Tools
  • On-Demand Deployment
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Tuning
  • Native I/O Performance Pack
  • Logging Considerations
  • Overload Protection
  • Garbage Collection Thresholds
  • Domain Startup Mode
  • Connection Backlog
  • Load Balancers
  • Multitier Cluster Architecture
  • Peer-to-Peer Communication
  • HTTP Session Persistence: Review
  • Clustering: Review
  • Basic Cluster Architecture
  • Load Balancing and Failover
  • Deployment Packaging
  • Batch Updates
  • Database Tuning
  • Logging Last Resource (LLR) Transactions
  • Connection Pools
  • JDBC and Application Design
  • JDBC: Review
  • Persistent Stores
  • Transactions
  • Work Manager
  • Monitoring a Server Thread Pool
  • Work Manager Configuration
  • WebLogic Server Thread Tuning
  • Tuning Transactions
  • Tuning Web Applications
  • Tuning Web Services
  • Tuning JPA
  • Tuning Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)

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