Oracle 11g : RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration

Oracle 11g RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration
This Oracle 11g: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration Accelerated training teaches you about the Oracle Grid Infrastructure products, including Oracle Automatic Storage Manager (ASM), ASM Cluster File System and Oracle Clusterware. You will also learn to administer the Oracle Clusterware and storage products using both command line utilities and graphical tools using both command line and graphical user interface clients.
Oracle DB Administrators
Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure Concepts
  • Oracle Clusterware Architecture
  • Grid Infrastructure Pre-installation Tasks
  • Grid Infrastructure Installation
  • Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes
  • Administering Oracle Clusterware
  • Upgrading and Patching Grid Infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware
  • Making Applications Highly Available with Oracle Clusterware
  • ASM: Overview
  • Administering ASM
  • Administering ASM Disk Groups
  • Administering ASM Files, Directories, and Templates
  • Administering ASM Cluster File Systems
  • RAC Concepts
  • Installing and Configuring Oracle RAC
  • Oracle RAC Administration
  • Managing Backup and Recovery for RAC
  • RAC Database Monitoring and Tuning
  • Oracle RAC One Node
  • Quality of Service Management
  • Design for High Availability

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