این دوره شامل آشنایی با مفاهیم پیشرفته Firewall شامل NAT و Mangle و همچنین شناخت بیشتر از متدهای مدیریت ترافیک به کمک Queue می باشد.
کارشناسان و مدیران فنی شبکه های Enterpriser Network و Service Provider
  • Why this diagram is necessary?
  • Full overview of all things covered by diagram
  • Simple examples how packet travels through the diagram
  • More complex examples of diagram usage
  • Connection tracking
  • Filter
  • chains (default/custom)
  • all rule “actions” covered
  • NAT
  • Mangle
  • Some complicated rule “conditions” covered
  • HTB
  • Burst
  • Queue types (FIFO, SFQ, RED, PCQ)
  • Simple queues
  • Basic configuration
  • Static DNS Entry
  • DHCP communication analysis
  • DHCP-client identification/ configuration
  • DHCP server configuration: + LAB
  • DHCP networks o DHCP options (build-in and custom)
  • IP Pool Title Objective o advanced DHCP
  • DHCP relay configuration + LAB
  • Basic configuration
  • Proxy rule lists o Access list + LAB
  • Direct Access list + LAB
  • Cache list + LAB
  • Regular expression + LAB

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