Managing HP 3PAR StoreServ I

Managing HP 3PAR StoreServ I
این دوره شامل آشنایی با نسل HP 3PAR سری ۲۰۰۰۰, ۸۰۰۰, ۷۰۰۰ ، معماری ، مدیریت و راه اندازی آنها می باشد.
کارشناسان و مدیران فنی شبکه های Enterpriser Network و Service Provider
HP Accelerated SAN Essentials
  • Current product line overviews, Software suites and licensing overview
  • Benefits and advantages of HPE 3PAR virtualized storage architecture
  • HPE 3PAR hardware offerings (10000 Series and 7000 Series)
  • Basic HPE 3PAR high availability advantages, Gen4 ASIC chip functionality
  • Advantages of cache persistence and persistent ports
  • Data flow and communication concepts in an HPE 3PAR controller node
  • Self-encrypting drives, HPE 3PAR component connectivity, HPE 3PAR remote support
  • Installing, Logging In, Basic features and commands, Wizards, Benefits
  • HPE 3PAR controller options, Drive cage expandability options, HPE 3PAR hardware components basics
  • HPE 3PAR hardware components numbering schemes, Current drive sizes
  • HPE 3PAR provisioning terminology, HPE 3PAR concept of a disk chunklet and Logical Disk (LD)
  • HPE 3PAR concept of a Common Provisioning Group (CPG), HPE 3PAR Virtual Volumes (VVs) types
  • Thin Provisioning
  • CPGs using SSMC, Management Console, and CLI
  • Fully provisioned and thin provisioned and thin deduplicated VVs using SSMC
  • Supported operating systems
  • How to prepare a host to access an HPE 3PAR storage array
  • Adding hosts in an HPE 3PAR storage array
  • Adding FC ports to a host
  • Export VVs to a host as VLUNs, Unexport VVs/VLUNs from a host
  • Using Management Console, SSMC, and CLI to work with hosts and storage
  • Use Host Explorer to add hosts
  • Use HP3PARInfo to gather information Management Console, and CLI
  • Host and volume sets advantages, Creating and maintaining host and volume sets
  • SSMC, Management Console, and CLI to work with host and volume sets
  • Host and volume sets guidelines and rules
  • Understand the Virtual Lock feature

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