این دوره شامل آشنایی ابتدایی با برند Huawei و تجهیزات آن ، مفاهیم اولیه شبکه ، سرویس های شبکه ، مفاهیم اولیه Routing ، مفاهیم اولیه Switching می باشد.
کارشناسان و مدیران فنی شبکه های Enterpriser Network و Service Provider
  • RIP problems in large network
  • OSPF characteristics
  • Network types supported by OSPF
  • The process of establishing OSPF neighbor relationships
  • The concepts and functions of OSPF DR and BDR
  • The Router-LSA contents and functions
  • The Network-LSA contents and functions
  • The shortest path first (SPF) algorithm
  • The inter-area route transmission process
  • Prevent inter-area routing loops
  • Application scenarios of OSPF virtual links
  • Configure virtual links
  • The functions of AS-External-LSAs and ASBR-Summary-LSAs
  • Calculate OSPF external routes
  • How suboptimal external routes are generated
  • The OSPF route summarization principle
  • The OSPF update mechanism
  • The OSPF authentication mechanism
  • IS-IS principles
  • The differences between IS-IS and OSPF
  • Configure IS-IS


  • Working Principle of BGP
  • BGP attributes and applications
  • BGP route summarization applications
  • Characteristics of point-to-multipoint applications
  • The basic multicast architecture
  • The structure of multicast addresses
  • IGMP working mechanisms and configurations
  • The differences between different IGMP versions
  • The mechanism of IGMP snooping


  • Multicast forwarding requirements
  • PIM-DM working mechanisms and configurations
  • PIM-SM working mechanisms and configurations
  • Control traffic reachability
  • Adjust network traffic paths
  • The problems caused by route import and solutions
  • The Eth-Trunk principle
  • The Eth-Trunk configuration
  • The application scenario and configuration of MUX VLAN
  • The application scenario and configuration of port isolation
  • The application scenario and configuration of port security
  • The working principle of RSTP
  • Similarities and differences between RSTP and STP
  • The RSTP configuration in typical application scenarios
  • Limitations of a single spanning tree
  • The MSTP working mechanism
  • Configure MSTP

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