EMC VNX Storage Deployment and Management

EMC VNX Storage Deployment and Management
این دوره شامل آشنایی سری VNX مربوط به شرکت EMC و تکنولوژی های موجود در این رده ، معماری و طراحی بر اساس این سری می باشد.
کارشناسان و مدیران فنی شبکه های Enterpriser Network و Data Center
EMC Information Storage and Management
  • Unisphere Security Features and Implementation
  • Unisphere and CLI Interface
  • Unisphere Authentication using LDAP
  • Control Station Auditing
  • Notifications Methods and Event Monitoring
  • SP Networking and Cache
  • VNX Storage Objects
  • Access Logix
  • Network Topologies and Requirements
  • PowerPath and other Host Utilities
  • Implementing Windows, Linux, and ESXi FC and iSCSI Connectivity
  • FAST VP and FAST Cache
  • Replication Terminology and Operations
  • Configuring and Managing SnapView Snapshot, SnapView Clone, and VNX Snapshot
  • Data Mover Network Devices
  • Implementing DNS and Time Services
  • File System Components and Features
  • Create and Join a CIFS Server to a Windows Domain
  • File System Access Via CIFS
  • CIFS Operational Considerations
  • Usermapper
  • Virtual Data Mover Overview
  • Create and Manager Virtual Data Movers
  • VNX SnapSure Theory and Operations
  • Configuring SnapSure
  • Managing Checkpoints
  • Planning SnapSure
  • Configuring Data Mover Failover
  • Testing Data Mover Failover and Failback

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